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Our Mission

thinking ahead - moving forward

…… needs of Orthopedic surgeons around the world

…… needs of Orthopedic companies and their sourcing departments

…… needs of Health Care Systems in established first world markets and the Emerging markets

From C3 Ortho´s perspective

  • Surgeons are looking for lower priced ceramic ball-heads to offer this superior-to-metallic product solution to all patients regardless of age or insurance reimbursement policies and to increase the profitability of their orthopedic departments
  • Orthopedic manufacturers want to reduce their extreme dependency on the current single source supplier of ceramic ball-heads to achieve significantly better supply terms and product innovation. This would allow them to phase out their inhouse low-margin production of metallic ball-heads which is currently kept in operation to offer hip replacements to the market segments that can´t afford the higher priced ceramic ball-heads, and to address the needs of the public health care systems in emerging markets with affordable ceramic ball-heads.  

C3 Ortho believes that the arrival of a second source supplier in the market is overdue offering top-quality ceramic ballheads  at a lower price level.

C3 Ortho is uniquely equipped with comprehensive knowledge and experience to make this arrival happen and successful.  

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